A wonderful time to be thankful!

In our quest for success, to be better, faster, stronger, we sometimes forget to be Thankful!

Now is the perfect time to take stock of the things, people, and traits that we can be thankful for.

So think about it...sure we always want to have new cars, new trucks, new engines, new things, but what things are you thankful for?  Sure it is easy to wish that people were sometimes different, more supportive, but what people are you truly thankful for?  And finally, as people and athletes it is always so easy to know all of the things we need to work on and all of our negative attributes, but what things are you thankful for about yourself?  

I have been working with a lot of wonderful athletes lately and sometimes when I ask them what they are grateful for they struggle.  After we spend some time writing down the specific things, people, and traits they leave feeling really thankful and really motivated. 

I am a strong believer in always trying to be better and learn and change, but it is also important to take stock and be grateful and lead with our strengths.  I am thankful for the fact that Mike and I have so many wonderful things in our life, even more importantly wonderful friends and family.  I also truly am grateful for the many McKendree University athletes that I am able to work with and learn from.   So what are you thankful for?